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Ramadan Kareem! I like to wear abayas a lot in this month. They are just perfect. I found few favourite Ramadan abayas that I really like and thought I should share it with you girls. Now, rather than just the black colored abayas I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried to wear some other colours as well. SO far, I’M LOVING ITT!! Some of these abayas are a little fancy, but they can be perfect for Ramadan gatherings or even Eid.

1.This nude colour long abaya is a must have. I love how flowy it is and it just makes the whole outfit look so much more presentable. Plus, this abaya is so easy to dress it up or down depending on the occasion.

from: asud.abayas on Instagram

long kimono modest different color abaya

2. This black color abaya is a little bit more on the fancier side. I’m obsessed with the lace work. This is definitely one of my favourite Ramadan abayas and it’s just perfect for events or even Eid.

from: @designersempire on Instagram

style abaya modestlyblack ramadan abaya

3. Now, this abaya is a little different. This is a whole 3 piece set which includes the abaya and travel wear.  I love how with this you don’t need to worry about what to wear underneath the abaya as this is a whole set. 

from: @shcollection on Instagram

long cardigan hijab long cardigan

4. Last but definitely not the least, this abaya is a little bit more on the simpler side. But, I’m obsessed with the colour and it’s perfect for the summer time. Definitely a must-have!

from: Veronacollection

long abaya ramadan

favourite ramadan abayas

Let me know which one of these abayas is your favourite in the comments down below. I would love to know 🙂

xx Wardah